"Fill Your Cup First" - Develop Soulful Self-Love & Self-Care in Every Area of Life

Sis, I know you're tired of feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, and unfulfilled. You're constantly serving everyone else - isn't it time to finally move yourself to the front of the line?

Embark upon a journey of deep self-exploration and learning about what it TRULY means to love yourself (and have others love you) by learning the "The 7 Domains of Self-Love". 

Most people equate self-love and self-care to facials and lunch out on the town, but it's SO much more.

How do you allow people to treat you... how do you treat yourself... how do your honor and nourish your body... what is your relationship with money and what legacy and sadaqah do you want to leave... how do you connect to your LORD.

This groundbreaking and transformative program is for those who truly want to show up for themselves in every area of life - and be able to support others, not from an empty cup - but from their overflow.


Challenge Welcome!

Challenge Prep: What IS Self-Love Anyway?

Day 1: Honoring and Nurturing the PHYSICAL

Day 2: Understanding, Honoring, and Harnessing the EMOTIONAL

Day 3: Purifying, Upgrading, Reprogramming, and Guarding the MENTAL

Day 4: Reconnecting to, and Cultivating the SPIRITUAL

Day 5: Setting Boundaries and Purposefully Cultivating the RELATIONAL

Day 6: Understanding, Respecting, Managing, and Not Becoming a Victim to the FINANCIAL

Day 7: Uncovering, Nurturing, and living the ASPIRATIONAL

This program is guaranteed to change the way you think about self- love and self-care - which allows you to completely reconstruct how you live, love, and give to others.

"Fill Your Cup First" Transformational Self-Love & Self-Care Course

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