You'll receive instant access to 12 concise. reflective, and action inducing lessons + exercises discussing every aspect of the emotional, behavioral, and practical aspects of setting - and maintaining boundaries. Bundle also comes with a 20 page workbook (Soulsheet) to help you apply the content to your life IMMEDIATELY.



Your Boundaries Bundle includes:

Module 1: Setting the Stage
Workshop Introduction
Lesson 1: Defining Boundaries

Module 2: Reality Check/Self-Awareness
Lesson 2: What Does a Lack of Boundaries Look Like
Lesson 3: Why We're So Averse to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Module 3: Expanding Your Awareness
Lesson 4: The Islamic Perspective (Shaking off Fear and Spiritual Guilt)
Lesson 5: How Boundaries Can Free Your Soul and Enhance Your Life
Lesson 6: Key Areas in Which We Lack Boundaries

Module 4: Moving Into Action
Lesson 7: Establishing New Boundaries
Lesson 8: Gaining the Support of Loved Ones
Module 5: Overcoming Challenging Situations
Lesson 9: The Root of Stressed and Dysfunctional Relationships
Lesson 10: Working Through Marital Issues
Lesson 11: Setting Loving Boundaries with DIfficult Children
Lesson 12: Clearing Toxic and Dysfunctional Relationships

+ 20 Page Reflective Workbook


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